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Open Day / Open Bedrijvendag 2012

 Watch the video of the 2012 open day| Bekijk de video van de 2012 opendeurdag

On Sunday 7 October 2012, the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) in Geel, Belgium, opened its doors to the public, as part of the regional initiative, Open Bedrijvendag. The IRMM is one of the seven institutes of the Joint Research Centre – the European Commission’s in-house science service.

Visitors could learn about the world of measurement science by performing fun, interactive experiments, including extracting DNA from a kiwi, exploring the nano-scale and pitting the human senses against our sophisticated detection equipment.
Visitors could also enjoy a guided tour of our linear accelerator – a unique research facility in the world that is rarely open to the public. A ‘must’ for those with a passion for physics!

Visitors could also get acquainted with the activities of its neighbouring Flemish research institute VITO on sustainable production, energy, material and environmental technology. There were also information stands from the neighbouring European School Mol and Europa Direct Antwerp.


Photo Gallery

All photos © European Union, 2012





Open Day programme


Exhibition "The World of Measurements"

Exhibition "The World of Measurements" 


Tram for on-site transport

 JRC-IRMM electric car

Practising with the JRC-IRMM firebrigade

Practising with the JRC-IRMM firebrigade

Checking the results of the taste challenge in the lab


Taste challenge & explanation about fats

Visitors examining fats from different foodstuffs

Visitors examining fats from different foodstuffs

"Nanotechnology - seeing is believing"


Testing with nanoparticles

Guided tour of linear accelerator

Presentation "Measuring radioactivity"

Using the senses to find a match

Find a match - the colour of ketchup


Tour of the reference materials production facility

Tour of the reference materials production facility


Information of European integration

Information stands in the cafeteria

Information point of the European School Mol

Information point of VITO

Kids' entertainment

Ending the day with some belgische frietjes




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