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New certified reference material for micro-analysis techniques

IRMM-471 reference material
24 September, 2013

Many materials have complex microstructures. Investigation of the carbon mass fraction in microstructures of steel or wear-resistant coating materials gives important information on the materials’ properties (for example: ductility, hardness, resistance). Micro-analysis techniques like electron probe micro-analysis are often employed when analysing local carbon concentrations in areas of only a few micrometres in diameter in steel and related materials (corrosion and wear resistant coatings). IRMM-471 contains cementite (Fe3C) grains dispersed in an iron pearlite matrix with an average grain diameter between 20 µm and 50 μm. It is certified for the carbon mass fraction within those cementite grains.

IRMM-471 is intended for calibration, quality control and assessment of method performance.

Details about material sampling, processing and certification are described in detail in the certification report, available together with the certificate in our online catalogue.

Latest update 24 September, 2013

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