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Towards an innovative and competitive EU security industry

22 March, 2013

The European Commission has recently launched a public consultation on airport security equipment. The consultation – which was prepared with significant input from the JRC – will gather views on developing harmonised standards and introducing legally-binding testing procedures for airport screening equipment.

There are currently, no EU-wide certification systems for security technologies. National systems differ widely, thus significantly contributing to the fragmentation of the security market.

Airport screening (detection) equipment is a priority area where an EU-wide certification system is desirable. By establishing a single market for aviation security equipment, products certified in one Member State would automatically be accepted in any other Member State. This means lower costs and a shorter time to market for aviation screening equipment.

The findings of the public consultation will be part of the impact assessment report that will accompany the possible Commission's legislative proposal to establish an EU harmonised certification system for airport screening equipment.  The public consultation will run from 15 March to 10 June 2013 can be accessed at:

 More information about the JRC's aviation security work is available at:

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