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Warning – counterfeit certified reference materials and certificates

Certified reference materials
18 July, 2013

It has been brought to our attention that a company is selling materials under our name with forged certificates. The Commission is taking the necessary steps against forgery acts concerning use of its logo for illicit purposes.

How can you protect yourself from being a victim of counterfeiters?

  1. Does the product actually exist and are the certified values genuine? This can be most easily checked via the search engine on
  2. Are you buying directly from IRMM or one of its authorised distributors? If yes, the products are certainly genuine. A list of IRMM’s authorised distributors is found on
  3. If you are not buying from an authorised distributor and are in doubt about the authenticity of your material, please contact our sales team under . We have records of the final customer of each individual CRM sample and can confirm whether the sample you obtained has been sent to the intermediary.


Latest update 18 July, 2013

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