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Facilitating wine trade with international standards

9 October, 2013

On 8 October 2013, Jean-Claude Ruf, Scientific Coordinator at OIV visited the JRC-IRMM and presented the activities of his organisation covering standards in the international legal framework. 

This is especially important as the JRC hosts the European Office for Wine, Alcohol and Spirit Drinks (BEVABS), and has a specialised laboratory that aims to ensure correct implementation of EU wine quality legislation. Both the OIV and BEVABS contribute to international harmonisation of standards facilitate trade.

Among the standards adopted by the OIV, a large part are related to method of analysis. Internationally agreed methods of analysis by the international community and standards facilitate international trade and in some cases help with solving disputes. They have a strong impact on businesses, industries and consumers. These standards are also aimed to prevent fraud and to protect consumers’ interests by ensuring that truthful label information is given to them.

Both organisations will continue to exchange information, collaborate and contribute to harmonisation of analytical methods and the correct implementation of EU legislation in the wine area.

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