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International Summer School Measurement Science in Chemistry

12 July, 2013

In this edition, 34 students from 12 countries participate and they come from Albania, Belgium, China, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Tunesia, Turkey.

Students learn about quality in analytical chemistry in the context of ISO/IEC-17025. Not only the theory (traceability, uncertainty, statistics, validation, use of reference materials), but also the practice. In a role playing game, they create their own company and they perform real analysis. They compete amongst themselves to obtain the best result.

They learn and exercise how to interact with clients. For one day, they even become an accreditation technical assessor. Apart from the technical training, the students acquire a variety of soft skills which many high level reports have described as being crucial (e.g. skills in communication, planning, prioritisation, time management, working under stress, team work …).

The school is run by a consortium of 9 universities ( ) and the French partner (University Claude Bernard) is acting as the local host. The programme is under the mentorship and with the support of the European Commission Joint Research Centre.


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