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JRC-IRMM strengthens collaboration with local authorities

30 April, 2013

The JRC IRMM and the local Geel community moved one step closer recently with the co-signing on 23 April of a revised Protocol (OOP36) establishing improved cooperation in security and emergency procedures governing nuclear installations and their local host city.

IRMM director Elke Anklam welcomed the Mayor of Geel, Vera Celis, and senior representatives from the Federal and local police, and fire departments in Geel and Mol.

The Protocol OOP36, first introduced by Belgian's Ministry of the Interior after the 9/11 attacks in 2001 was recently revised to improve the security of nuclear installations, and provide for procedures in the event of an emergency. It includes details on contact and interactions between the facility and local emergency services; participation in joint exercises and training and evaluating operational effectiveness.

Future areas of collaboration highlighted during the signing event included providing information to Geel citizens on the work of the IRMM, and encouraging local technical staff to apply for jobs, while also exchanging information to JRC IRMM staff on Geel and its surrounding area.

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