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JRC presents IRMM activities to European School students in Mol

4 April, 2013

JRC presents IRMM activities during the European School Open Day last Saturday 23rd March 2013.

Over 200 people visited the JRC-IRMM stand at the European School in Mol last 23rd March 2013.  Paola Garcia, responsible for Communication at the JRC-IRMM highlights: "it is amazing to see the curiosity of the children and their interest for science; the game on the importance of reference materials was very appealing to them.  By using their senses, children from different ages could test the limits of having their senses as a reference".  The stand of the JRC-IRMM presented two games. In the first game visitors had to find a match to the reference using their touch while in the second they had to use their taste to find the exact match to a soda flavour.  

JRC-IRMM Director Elke Anklam underlines the importance of the existing collaboration between the European School and the Institute for Reference Materials.  "We are both complementary and share the same objective: Europe", she says.  "The positive collaboration between the school and our institute has a long tradition; we are happy to work together in occasions like this", she adds.  The JRC-IRMM provides scientific support to policy makers in Europe, it is important to promote science among future generations.


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