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European science jobs - current PhD vacancies

There is currently no PhD position open.    


Standards for Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards:                      

Job ID Description Next application deadline
2013-GEE-D-20-000-1320 Neutron elastic scattering with a new scintillator array

Applications under evaluation

2013-GEE-D-20-000-2138 Prompt gamma-ray emission spectrum for 239Pu(n,f)

Applications under evaluation



Grantholders will be offered a contract that conforms with the Belgian national legislation, in particular with regard to social security contributions and taxation. The gross monthly salary of the PhD grantholder (category 20) 2.816,67 EUR. In addition to this payment, the JRC may pay a monthly mobility allowance of 500 or 800 EUR (without or with family respectively) and the annual travel allowance (up to 2.500 EUR), depending on the distance between the place of origin and JRC-IRMM. A generous holiday scheme, family benefits, health care, maternity and parental leave are also applicable, as described in the conditions for grantholders[22Kb].

(Please note that these figures are only for guidance and do not constitute a commitment on the employer's part).

Employment Contract under Belgian Employment Law:

Specimen fixed-term duration employment contract[468Kb]

Employment regulations[2Mb]

How to apply

Please read carefully the eligibility criteria before applying. All eligibility criteria must be fulfilled at the date of reference (deadline for applications).

If you are interested in one of the projects published, please submit an ON-LINE application within the deadline of the chosen project.
There are no supporting documents required at this stage of the procedure.
In the course of your on-line application you will come accross a field named 'additional information'. Please use this field to give us more detailed information about your studies, professional experience and competences acquired, e.g.:
- Domains of university education: main fields studied, title of thesis, specific specialization, …
- Professional experience: projects undertaken, functions and tasks executed, …
- Competences demonstrated: technical skills (incl. instrumental methods operated), management skills, …
- Publication list, …

For any enquiries concerning the application procedure, please contact .

Selection Procedure

It is foreseen that in principle a selection committee will meet shortly after the deadline. Proposals submitted prior to the above application deadlines will be evaluated in the subsequent selection committee. The selection committee makes a list of candidates and based on the needs and on the financial constraints, the Director of the institute decides on granting a contract, and will inform candidates accordingly.

All applicants will receive a notification about the outcome of the selection within 3 months after the deadline of the call.

Other information

The European Commission is an equal opportunities employer and accepts applications without distinction on the grounds of race, political, philosophical or religious conviction, sex or sexual orientation and regardless of disabilities, marital status or family situation.

 Specific privacy statement

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