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IRMM Open Day 2010

 Video of open day on JRC's You Tube channel

Public event
Geel, Belgium
3 October, 2010

The Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) opened its doors to the public on 3 October 2010, as part of the Open Bedrijvendag initiative in Flanders (  

The 2010 openday attracted a record number of visitors: 702 visitors with 31 different nationalities (75% Belgians). Around 23% of visitors were under the age of 18 , whilst 17% of visitors were 65 or over.

Watch the video of the open day on the JRC's You Tube channel.


Photos from the open day...


Visitors moved from activity to activity using special trams provided, enjoying the glorious weather.


Colourful chemistry cocktails


A journey through the world of electricity



Extracting DNA from a kiwi


Practising with the IRMM fire brigade



Tricks of the laboratory: separating compounds


Stimulating drinks (testing for caffeine content)



Explaining IRMM's food safety and quality activities



Learning about radioactivity



Physics fun with balloons


Guided tour of IRMM linear accelerator



Smartboard activities and funny faces



Exploring the nanoscale



Fabricating thin films



Time for some belgische frietjes!



Open-day programme / Open bedrijvendag programma


  English version[3Mb]



  Nederlandse versie[3Mb]




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