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Europe & Metrology in Turkey (EMIT): Training course on use of certified reference materials

Training course
Gebze, Turkey
May 4-5, 2010

Download the course leaflet here[95Kb].


Measurement uncertainty and traceability of measurement results are essential for the evaluation of measurement results. Reference materials are key tools for achieving traceability of measurements, proving accuracy of methods and demonstrating proficiency of laboratories. This course provides participants with the theoretical basis for the estimation of measurement uncertainty and establishment of traceability. This knowledge is applied to the proper selection and use of reference materials.

Who should attend?

  • Laboratory managers and practitioners in analytical laboratories who use reference materials for statistical quality control, method validation and calibration and need to assess measurement uncertainties on customer’s demand or as requirement of ISO 17025.

  • ISO 17025 auditors who need to assess the estimation of measurement uncertainties and the correct application of certified reference materials.


  • A postgraduate level in chemistry and knowledge of concepts such as uncertainty, traceability, error propagation and general analytical measurements is needed.

  • MS-Excel is used during the exercises. Familiarity with this program as well as knowledge of basic statistical concepts (e.g. mean and standard deviation) are required to make full use of the exercises.

  • Ability to discuss and interact in English.

Topics tackled

Uncertainty estimation

  • What are the basic principles?

  • How to estimate uncertainty from validation data

  • How can I use reference materials to estimate my measurement uncertainty?

Establishing traceability

  • What do I have to do to make my results traceable?

  • How can I establish traceability with reference materials?

Reference material selection

  • Where can I find reference materials?

  • Which material is the right one for me?

Reference material handling

  • How much of each material must I use?

  • How should I store my materials?

  • How do I correct for moisture?

Reference materials use

  • How can I demonstrate trueness?

  • How can I demonstrate my method proficiency

Making full use of available information

  • What do the terms on a certificate mean?

  • What can I do with a certification report?

Intensive practice in small groups

This course strongly emphasises practical application of the theoretical concepts. To this end, each lecture is accompanied by exercises in small groups (5-6 people) during which the concepts are put into practice. Each group is supported by a trainer who helps in asking the right questions and guides the group to a successful conclusion. About half of the time of the course is devoted to these exercises. Participants can bring their own laptops to facilitate the exercises.

Practical information

Timing: The course will start on 4 May 2010 at 9:00 and it will finish on 5 May 2010 at 15:00.

Lunch: A meal will be provided each day at noon.

Accommodation: Trainees from public institutions are welcome to reserve guest accommodation at the TÜBİTAK UME Institute (at cost of 31 TL per person). Limited availability so reservations best made early. Trainees from private organisations need to book their own hotel in the area.

Transfers: The details of the possible bus transfers from UME to the nearest public transport will be communicated on this web site.

Location: TÜBİTAK UME, PK.54 Gebze, KOCAELİ, 41470, TURKEY.

Registration: You can now register online at: If you do not have a personal account yet you will need to create one before you can log on. 

Select: > other locations > Turkey > EMIT training course S01-01.

Accept the privacy statement, continue and the registration form will pop up. The number of participants is restricted to approximately 40. Registrations will be handled on the basis of “first come, first served”.

Deadline for registration: 14 April 2010

Registration fee: None

For late registrations or supplementary information requests, please send an e-mail to:

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