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Joint JRC - CEN workshop: standardization of proprietary methods of analysis

CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre, Avenue Marnix 17, Brussels
January 29, 2010

CEN and JRC will jointly organize a workshop on 29 January 2010 in Brussels to discuss possibilities and requirements for the standardization of proprietary methods of analysis. Proprietary test kits are of considerable importance for routine control of food and feed safety and quality.

Mechanisms are in place (ISO 16140, validation scheme providers) to validate proprietary methods against accepted reference methods. However, application areas exist where reference methods do not exist, but where reliable testing results are of crucial importance. The detection of allergens in foods by immunochemical methods is an example for the latter category.

The envisaged outcome of the workshop is a recommendation regarding what level of technical detail has to be provided to consider a validated proprietary method fit for standardization purposes. The subject will be introduced by several experts who will report on their experience and their opinion regarding standardization of proprietary methods; ample room for discussion has been foreseen. The exact order/timing of the workshop has not been finalised yet and a final programme will follow in due course.

Confirmed speakers of the event:

  • Sabine BAUMGARTNER (CEN TC 275, WG 12 Food Analysis – Horizontal Methods - Food allergens)

  • Alexandre LECLERCQ (CEN TC 275, Convenor WG 6 Food Analysis – Horizontal Methods - Microbial contamination)

  • Bertrand LOMBARD (ISO TC34, Chair SC 9 Food Products - Microbiology)

  • Paul IN 'T VELD (ISO TC 34, SC 9, WG3 Food Products – Microbiology - Method validation)

  • Bert POPPING (CEN TC 275, WG 12 Food Analysis – Horizontal Methods - Food allergens)

  • Manuela SCHULZE (CEN TC 275, WG 11 Genetically modified foodstuffs)

  • Hilde SKÅR NORLI (NMKL Nordic Committee on Food Analysis)

  • Roger WOOD (CEN TC 275, Convenor WG 0 Food Analysis – Horizontal Methods – General Considerations)

Download the application form[46Kb]. For further information:

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