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Some 8% of children and 2% of adults suffer from food allergies or food intolerance. For some of them the intake of small amounts of an allergen can cause serious health problems. Therefore, from the end of 2005 the presence of all ingredients and especially those known to be a potential source of allergy or intolerance, must be declared on product labels (Directive 2000/13/EC, amended by Food Labelling Directive 2003/89/EC; Directive 2007/68/EC).

Undeclared peanut allergens in food products, often introduced unintentionally during processing, represent a major health threat. Appropriate labelling of allergens in food products is therefore very important for allergic people. This requires that relevant analytical methodology for detection of traces of allergens be established.

IRMM validates immunoassay based methods and rapid dip stick test methods for peanut detection in biscuits and chocolate, and has prepared a peanut test material. Studies on DNA based methods for peanut detection, separation and characterisation of peanut allergenic protein and methods for milk allergen detection are taken up in the IRMM work programme. The effect of food processing on both allergenicity and detectability and thresholds of allergic reactions are being investigated. The IRMM also assists the the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) Panel on dietetic products, nutrition and allergies (NDA Panel) in establishing scientific opinions regarding allergenic foods.


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