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Europe and Metrology in Turkey (EMIT) - Improving chemical and ionising radiation metrology in Turkey

Project concept

The science of measurement – also known as metrology – is probably the oldest science in the world, and underpins almost every aspect of our daily lives. From buying food in the supermarket to undergoing blood tests in the hospital, it is almost impossible to go through the day without referring to weights and measurements. Metrology underpins the free movement of goods and the smooth functioning of the international agreements such as the EU-Turkey Customs Agreement. Moreover, a well-functioning measurement infrastructure is necessary for the adoption of the body of European laws known as the acquis communautaire and thus contributing to the accession of Turkey to the EU. 

The three-year project - funded by the European Union under the instrument for pre-accession assistance ( IPA) - will enhance the measurement capacity for chemical and ionising radiation metrology in Turkey. An enhanced measurement infrastructure in Turkey will afford its citizens an increased quality of life in areas such as environment, health, food safety and consumer protection.

Parties involved

  • Joint Research Centre – Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (JRC-IRMM)

  • Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey National Metrological Institute (TÜBITAK UME)

  • Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) – Sarayköy and Çekmece Nuclear Research and Training Centres (SANAEM, ÇNAEM)

  • Turkish laboratories and universities

Download the project leaflet [746Kb](in English and Turkish)  

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Latest update 26 August, 2009

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